Welcome to The Exercise Coach - North Dallas. Locally owned and operated by Pat and Mary Sculley, we are proud to support our community by fostering healthy lifestyles. We understand that life is busy and demanding, making it difficult to maintain a healthy regiment. Here at The Exercise Coach - North Dallas, we are energized to help! Let us introduce our team of Dallas personal trainers!

Mary Sculley

Franchise Owner

Mary was born into a large, loud, & loving family in Beaumont, Texas. She graduated from college, married, moved temporarily to Germany and started a family. Her career in the corporate world emerged over time to focus on International Human Resources. The experience, living and working in many different cultures, helps her relate to many personalities and styles! She has always loved any and all recreation outdoors and has translated this passion for a fit lifestyle into her work with The Exercise Coach®. Her quality of life has been greatly enhanced by a routine of fitness activities and good eating. She is committed to helping others, no matter their age or conditioning, achieve a healthy lifestyle through these same avenues.

At a glance:

- Mary enjoys long distance running and has completed 5 marathons and just might, one day, complete a few more!
- She is passionate about providing the best possible experience when working with other people.
- Travel anywhere and everywhere is always in the back of her mind…so much so, that her family uses her as their travel agent!
- Favorite exercise: Leg Curl and Extension

Pat Sculley

Franchise Owner

Pat spent his first career in the military after graduating from the United States Military Academy at West Point. His second career developed in the corporate world, primarily in account management and contributing to the growth of a global technology business. He has now embarked on his third career in the health and wellness environment! Pat's convictions around our ability to rebuild and/or maintain health throughout our lives serves as the foundation for our efforts at The Exercise Coach - Dallas. His knowledge of the science of our program and how it produces positive health benefits for each of our clients is what keeps him energized each and every day. His positive attitude is infectious!

At a glance:

- Pat is passionate about leadership, mentoring young people and properly educating our children.
- He is most content outdoors, fly fishing, skiing and rock climbing with his grandsons ... but you can also find him curled up with a good history book, usually given to him by his son!
- Favorite Exercise - The Row!

Jarno Karttunen

Personal Trainer

Jarno is a dual citizen, having been born in Finland and emigrating to the United States at the age of 10 with his parents. During his college years, Jarno went back to Finland to serve his military obligation and then played professional Hockey in Europe for two years. Jarno brings a quiet, soothing demeanor to our studios; however, just ask him about skating ... competitive ice skating, playing hockey and engaging in downhill speed skating and he becomes totally animated! Jarno's knowledge about fitness training and endurance is well tested. His interest in Coaching others to achieve their goals is obvious with each client's interaction.
At a glance:

- In addition to Coaching at The Exercise Coach®, he is completing a degree in Integrated Studies at the University of North Texas.
- Jarno is passionate about being able to take the absolute maximum out of your body in fitness and competition!
- Favorite Exercise: The Leg Press!

Martha White

Personal Trainer

Martha joined The Exercise Coach - Dallas with the desire to make a professional life change. She has lived in Dallas her whole life, except during her college years at Texas Tech. Martha graduated with a degree in Accounting and used that knowledge to manage a family owned Commercial Real Estate company and building her career in jewelry sales and store management. Martha brings her excellent attention to detail and inquisitive nature to The Exercise Coach - Dallas and our clients. We see this everyday in her interest in our clients and their goals and interests, making each and everyone feel that they are the only person in our studios at that point and time!

At a glance:

- Martha owned and operated her own retail store and is very knowledgeable in quality customer service and delivering on what we promise to our clients.
- She is passionate about her kids (2), her dogs (2) and antiques ... The furniture kind!
- What Martha really enjoys though is cooking ... especially now that she is buying and experimenting with The Exercise Coach's Nutrition Playbook!
- Favorite Exercise - The Leg Press!

Lauren Cordova

Personal Trainer

Lauren is passionate about the field of Health and Fitness. Voila, a perfect fit for the Exercise Coach! She has a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology and is now aiming for her Doctorate's degree in Physical Therapy!  When Lauren coaches, she is all about proper form and technique so that the client is coached to perform at their maximum level, getting the full benefit of each repetition. She truly enjoys working with each client, helping them reach their performance goals.
At a glance:

- Lauren earned an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Science and M.S. in Exercise Physiology.
- She enjoys cooking new and healthy recipes, so watch for some of her ideas in our weekly email!
- She loves playing sports, with a sweet spot for softball.
- Favorite Exercise -- Hip Abduction and Leg Press

Steven Wade

Personal Trainer

Steven has an athletic background but, really fell in love with fitness after joining the United States Marine Corps, where he served our country for 8 years. Steven is currently a student at Park University, where he will soon earn a B.A. in Criminal Justice. Originally from Texarkana, Arkansas, he now calls Dallas home.

Though Steven spent some time as a personal trainer, what attracted him to the Exercise Coach was the environment that allowed him to show people how fun and creative you can be, while working out! This same environment enables him, as the Coach to help others achieve their health and fitness results.

At a Glance:
When not coaching at the Exercise Coach, Steven coaches middle school football during the Fall and Strength and Conditioning during the Summer at Greenhill School.
Other than coaching, Steven concentrates on spending time with his family.

Favorite exercise: all Chest, Arm and Back exercises

Medley Butterfield

Personal Trainer

Medley’s home town is Euless, TX. She graduated from the University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in Kinesiology-Exercise Science. Medley has been the head coach at The Pirouettes of Texas Synchronized Swimming team for the last 3 years, but has coached for a total of 11 years. She has been able to apply her academic knowledge and coaching experience at the Exercise Coach, working closely with our clients to educate and motivate them to achieve their health and fitness goals!

Within the world of competitive synchronized swimming, Medley has travelled throughout the country, coaching swim teams at all levels of competition … all the way to the US National and Junior Olympics levels!

At a Glance:
Medley loves to work outdoors, play with her 2 dogs, AND paddle board! She is passionate about being a role model for her clients at The Exercise Coach and with her swimmers.

Favorite Exercise: Leg Press and Pull-down

Matt Kintz

Personal Trainer

Matt has spent the majority of his career in the corporate wellness world, working with employees to improve their overall health and helping employers reduce their health care costs.
He attended The University of North Texas with a major in Health Promotion and a minor in Kinesiology. Matt has spent his entire life in the Dallas area.

What brought Matt to the Exercise Coach was his passion for people and helping them improve their overall health, while having fun. Matt loves to say, “Exercise should never be boring”! At The Exercise Coach, becoming fit is anything but boring.

At a Glance:
When not working, Matt enjoys spending time with his family; and teaching his kids and other children how to play AND enjoy sports. He truly believes that educating children on the importance of diet and exercise will have a significant impact on their health by the time they reach adulthood. In fact, this is a passions of his!

Favorite Exercise: Chest Press

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