What Do Clients Love About Our Studio?

Tom M.
"There's enough variety with both the equipment and then how it's being measured that  keeps it interesting and keeps you entertained."

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Max G.
" You should go to The Exercise Coach because the individual coaches, themselves, they're all very helpful! Very encouraging!"

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Carolyn H.
"My muscle to fat ratio has increased, and my weight has decreased. I got off my medication that I have been taking for ten years for high blood pressure and cholesterol. Combination of diet and exercise did that for me and that was huge for me."

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Dorothy C.
"I started working out with The Exercise Coach about 2 months ago. After 7 weeks, I have lost 2.3 lbs of body fat and gained 4.2 lbs of muscle. My metabolic rate went up and metabolic age went down. I'm 72 years old and my metabolic age is 57. My doctor says it is a remarkable gain in muscle. I have not changed my eating habits at all. Imagine what would happen if I gave up carbs and sugar!"
Hannah C.
"The high tech equipment, it's very specialized so you get the absolute most out of each workout. I can't believe how strong I've gotten just doing that twice a week."

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David L.
"I can tell that my strength progressively gets stronger as I go through their weight program with their computerized screens. It measures my performance from one session to the next, and I can see that I'm continuing to improve which is very gratifying."

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Trent S.
"To be successful in any endurance race you need a combination of speed and fitness. The problem is you can work on speed and you can work on fitness but you have to have strength so you can combine your speed and fitness over the distance of your race. The preseason strength work I did at Exercise Coach really helped me build the strength I needed so I could race fast during the triathlon season. Also the strength work has helped me maintain my fitness throughout the entire season. As other athletes fitness wanes at the end of the year I am still on form to finish the year strong. Exercise Coach has been a big asset to me and my successful 2015 triathlon season!"
Tom N.
"I began working out at The Exercise Coach in February. I had come to the conclusion that exercise is important and needed to be done regularly and for the rest of my life. I have not been exercising regularly for the last fifteen years. I belong to a country club that has a nice workout facility, but I never seem to get there, and if I do it is a two and a half event from the time I leave the house until I get back. Since joining The Exercise Coach 4 months ago, with very minor diet changes, I have lost 35 pounds. When they say it is a 20 minute workout, they mean 20 minutes. Not 18 and not 22 minutes. It is a very thorough workout and is really producing results. My blood pressure is down, my glucose A1C is down, I have eliminated my CPAP machine. My back feels better due to the weight loss and strengthening of my core muscles. The staff at The Exercise Coach are amazing. They are really interested in your well being. They are knowledgeable, helpful, encouraging and respectful of your time. 20 minutes twice a week is very easy commitment to make, and a very small time investment that will really improve your health. I am quite sure I was headed down the road to diabetes, a road everyone should try to avoid. My physician was impressed with the change that has been made in four short months. I highly recommend The Exercise Coach. It can change your life like it did to me."
Hudson W.
I come here religiously twice a week! I have been doing so for a year and a half. Its not hard to come because once you are here its a fast workout. The coaches become your friends- but they dont cut you any slack! Give it a try!
Jennifer A.
"If it wasn't for The Exercise Coach, I would not be working out anywhere. I need the added encouragement and accountability of the personal coach at The Exercise Coach to keep me on task, and it's that accountability that keeps me going."

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Rebecca M.

"You should go work out at The Exercise Coach because where else can you change your life in 40 minutes a week? I’ve been able to stick to it. It’s only 20 minutes twice a week. I was very skeptical what 20 minutes twice a week would do, because it sounded very hokey. I’ve had just about 50 sessions, and my doctor has already removed my diabetes diagnosis. He’s already lowered my dosage on my high blood pressure."

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Robert P.
"I have been exercising for many years but when the Sculley's went through my 4 free workouts with me I became a big fan and signed up. Since then I have lost 33 lbs. and am eating so much better now after their proper diet training. I love the twice weekly 20 minute workouts and the trainers are very patient with this obstreperous older male. All of my home based home equipment gathers dust now and I am in much better shape."
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